Re-certification in Moderate Sedation is every two years from original certification date and requires:

  • $175.00 Re-certification fee
  • Submit re-certification fee with documentation of 30 CE Credits or copy of retest certificate
  • Current ACLS or PALS and License are required for re-certification

Send Application, fee and proof of CE Credits to Healthy Visions Training , 351 Market Street, Clinton, TN 37716

Step 1:

Option 1

Document 30 CE Credits

Include, but are not limited to the following:

  • ACLS, PALS or other life support training
  • EKG Course
  • Airway Class
  • Pharmacology
  • Patient Safety
  • Sedation Review
  • Competencies Review
  • State Position Statement for Sedation
  • Retaking the Sedation Certification Course (Does not award CE Credits)
  • Taking a sedation course offered by another organization (Subject to approval by AAMSN)
  • Original articles on sedation submitted for publication in the AAMSN Newsletter

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via

Option 2  Retesting in lieu of 30 CE Credits (see retesting below)

The retesting recertification fee is paid online, only enclose payment if you owe a late fee.

1) After reading all instructions:

“Click here to enter”

2) Scroll down to the course “Re-certification in Moderate Sedation” and click on that link.

* If you: have been to before login using your username and password you originally created

* If you were enrolled in a facility with sedation certification you must “Create a new account”

* If you are new Click on “Create a new account”

3) Enroll in the course and enter your credit card information

4) Review course materials, and take the exam. 80% or better is passing. If your score is less than 80%, there is an administrative fee of $25.00 to retake the exam.

5) Mail in your confirmation and the application form below with a copy of your nursing license, PALS or ACLS and late fee if needed to the address on the form.

Step 2:

Download the recertification application form.

A. Print it

B. Fill it out and enclose required validation.

C. Email, Fax, 865-269-4613 or mail to: Healthy Visions Training, 351 Market St., Clinton, TN 37716

To re-certify complete the recertification application form and return to Sedation Certification with re-certification fee and CE Credit documentation. Fee can be paid on line, by credit card or mailed in at this link.

[button link=”” type=”small” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Moderate Sedation Re-certification Application[/button]

Send Application, fee and proof of CE Credits to Healthy Visions Training , 351 Market Street, Clinton, TN 37716

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